LGBT Friendly Wedding Photographer Long Island, NYC

Verity Moments is an all inclusive, professional wedding photographer for affordable elopements, and weddings for all couples in New York. I have had the honor of creating some unique wedding portraits  all over in Long Island, Montauk, and Huntington. I have also travelled to different states to capture weddings.  Our ethos is rooted in "truth", and I find truth in love.  Whether you're part of the LGBTQ community or not, my goal is for your wedding photography to be everything you imagined. My niche is in the small moments.  I ask my clients to be relaxed and informal. This will present a beautiful, natural and vibrantly modern image that has a touch of romance and lots of fun. I love capturing more fun, laughter, emotion, and beauty of your wedding day and create a relaxed atmosphere. I will be there to experience all your happiness of your day and leave you with the image to cherish forever.