family portraits

Family Portraits in Islip, New York

One of my favorite things about living on Long Island is how rich in history this little island is. Growing up in East Meadow, I was surrounded by the first suburbs; an extraordinary piece of history that has shaped our entire nation. WIth easy access to the Gold Coast, I have always had an affinity to historical sites and an appreciation for all the non profits that keep these buildings up and running.

Now living in Suffolk County, I have a whole new frontier of historical buildings to explore. This year, when Vitina contacted me to do her family photoshoot, I knew the exact location that I wanted to shoot at. The Brookwood Hall in Islip is a government building overlooking a lake. Operated by the town, the location has art pieces scattered throughout the landscape, a beautiful, historical building, a playground, and a beautiful little forest area. The versality of this location kept the boys moving, exploring, and not feeling constrained to one spot. We played with leaves, we saw a swan, we walked along a pebble path, and posed in a forest. This mini session was so much fun, and I’m so grateful that Vitina once again trusted me with her family memories.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Family Portraits in Sayville

Three years ago, my husband and I moved into a little apartment on the water in a town called Sayville. Under 700 square feet, this apartment was our home, our refuge, and the start of many of our dreams. Every morning, I would wake up to the smell of sea salt from the bay, and on my off days, I’d explore this quaint little town with our dog, Emmett. Our favorite spot ended up being this park called “The Grange”. A collection of old buildings that the town wanted to preserve, the Grange is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever walked around.

This year, when Alison and I were planning her family portraits, I was excited that the Grange became our location. We wanted to make sure the day “felt like fall”, we planned the outfits, and on the day we initially planned to do the shoot, it was too windy to even consider. So, we re-scheduled to the following day, and, truthfully, had the best two hours together. With a few props in hand (including a pumpkin and hand collected red leaves, haha) we made our way to the Grange. It was one of those moments that just felt so full circle.

I’m grateful that Alison and Ryan trust me with their photographs. They trust the process, and, we are able to navigate working with the children really well together. Anytime someone appreciates your creative process, well, it just makes you want to work harder.

Here are a few of my favorites from that day.