New Packages for Clients!

I first fell in love with photography when I was six years old. My brother, seven years older than me, had a kodak disposable camera lying around, and being the obtuse little sister that I was, I took it and made it my own. I’ll never forget the sound the camera made as I wound it up, or looking at the image I framed through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter to capture that moment. Of course, that first moment was documentation of my brother’s messy room: I was tired of always being yelled at for clothes on my floor when right across the hall, another room was just as messy.

Baby Leanne ready to get her gremlin hands on things that were not hers

Baby Leanne ready to get her gremlin hands on things that were not hers

My first set of photographs was a day in the life of six year old Leanne. I lined up my stuffed animal friends for the perfect shot on my little bench, I followed my childhood dog around the backyard, and took pictures of my parents. I was upset I used my twenty or so pictures so quickly, but, seeing my work when my parents finally got around to getting that camera developed was so monumental to me. I was able to “hold” my day again. They were physically there, captured forever.

My parents still have those first ever photographs in their home, and I love being able to hold those moments again. Now, while my photographs have certainly evolved from blackmail and my dog going to the bathroom, the feeling that I get when photos are developed haven’t changed.

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to forget how important printed photographs are. It’s easier to leave the photographs on the computer and just share them on social media. Which is why I’m excited to introduce a new package for all my clients moving forward. I have wanted to do this for a while now, but, I wanted to do it in a unique way to myself. I also wanted to make sure the pricing would work: it’s a finnicky balance to honor your art while also honoring budgets, but, I’m proud to be able to offer clients something new.

Moving forward, when you book with me, each session will include a keepsake box with prints inside. Of course, clients can still order prints through their galleries (and, I would definitely suggest doing any canvas prints with my printer!).

As I grow and expand my business, the importance of being true to my values grows more and more, and I’m excited to honor six year old Leanne with these keepsake boxes. It’s my hope that holding your photos will bring you the same joy it always brings me.

Looking forward to printing and creating more and more memories with you all.



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verity moments sunset

A long, long time ago, I wanted to be a blogger. I passionately documented my life on the inter web for all three people who frequently visited my page to see. Life updates, funny posts about customers (I work in a restaurant: I have ENDLESS funny stories about customers), recipes, and whatever was on trend. And, then the blogging world changed. I needed to share more of myself on Instagram, share my outfits, and constantly post content. I was overwhelmed. And, while I made money on my little blog (affiliate marketing, yo!) I knew that path wasn’t for me.


That’s really just me, yelling at me, for not updating this more often.

And, so here I am, attempting to break my writers block with a little Thursday evening ramble to catch everyone up on my happenings.

Since the last maternity photo session I posted, I have photographed a baby shower, another maternity session, a newborn portrait session, and a wedding ceremony at town hall. I’ve also been photographing the food at our restaurant for our Instagram content, and in between all that, have photographed some personal projects. I am also working full time still, which has involved rolling out 3 new menus in just under a month. Yeesh, writing it all out like that helps me understand why I’m so tired, haha.

With editing finished on all but one of those above sessions, I have never felt more rooted in my path. I think a lot of people can resonate with the feeling of “wanting to follow a dream or passion.” Especially in today’s climate, it’s so easy to wonder if you’re on the right path, and, where I live, it’s also easy to wonder if you’re doing “enough”. I often write in my instagram captions how I’m “grateful” for each experience, and I think that’s the perfect word to describe how I feel about this photography experience. I am so grateful that I am able to be a part of these moments with people. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my education and learn new techniques. I’m grateful for the feeling photography provides my soul. It’s almost as if my soul has been trying to steer me to this path for the last ten years of my life and now that I’m on it, it’s just elated.

Two years ago, I had my palm read. Within the lines of my palm, the reader found a lot of truths and predictions about my life. Now, while I received a lot of information in that reading ( I typed it up for reference), two parts of it really stood out to me.

  1. That I have a long love line, and it started about 5 years ago (3 years ago during the reading.) I met Mark, my husband, 5 years ago so that felt sweet.

  2. That around my thirties I’m going to live in a much more creative world. My aesthetic line is long, and the lines surrounding it indicated that I’m going to have a very creative career.

Well, next week is my twenty ninth birthday. I’m on the precipice of my thirties and while most people dread it (believe me, I don’t love the forehead lines I am developing) I’m mostly excited to see if that all comes true. With the way it’s moving, I think it is.

Now, before I fear hitting “publish”, I’m going to stop writing. Cheers to sharing all of the galleries and some more musings!

Feel free to visit my instagram @veritymomentsphotos

I’m also HOPING to get this website redone soon. I hired someone back in October, and they ended up being a total bust, BUT, now that I finally have my refund, I plan on finding a new designer. Here’s hoping, at least!

Thanks for following along!

That Time My Laptop Was Stolen

If there was ever an area about my business that I’m most insecure about it would be my portfolio. Not because of the quality of photos I take, my edits, or what I deliver to clients; I am so proud of the artistic photographs I am able to capture. That is years and countless of hours of practice and dedication. My style is a reflection of my soul and every picture I deliver is something I’m proud of. However, I am insecure because I lost 85% of my portfolio to a stupid mistake.

A few years ago, when I was just starting out on this photography journey, I was traveling out in Washington State when my computer and camera equipment were stolen. Being new to the game, I didn’t have a back up system in place. I had some photos in a large dropbox file, but, I never imaged that there would be a day that I didn’t have my laptop or my portfolio.

Weddings where I was a second shooter, gone.

Early family portraits, gone.

Personal work of landscapes and concerts, all gone.

I was twenty three and had just realized that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I lost all of my work. It was a devastating blow. Fortunately, I had my camera body on me that night, so while I lost most of my work and equipment, I still at least had a camera. Perhaps a sign that this was still something I needed to pursue.

I stopped photographing “people” for three years after that. I still had the bug, but, I felt like I wasn’t responsible enough to hold their memories. I moved, would capture events here and there. Slowly, I gained my confidence back. And, about a year ago, I started photographing events, family portraits, engagements and even weddings. Within eight months, I photographed more portraits and weddings on my own than I ever imagined.

I now have a very thorough and sensible back up system in place. Photographs immediately go on onto a hard drive, and, as soon as they’re on that hard drive, I then make copies into a large cloud folder. Every photo meticulously labeled. I hold on to RAW photos for at least 8 months after any event; just in case a client thinks I missed something.

The moral of this? If you’re ever thinking “her portfolio seems limited” it’s because it is. It’s not reflective of the ten+ weddings I shot before my equipment was stolen. It’s not reflective of the early portrait sessions I would do. It’s only reflective of my work in the last year. The last year where I’ve fallen in love with the art of photography all over again. Every shoot, every frame, every image is another moment to fall in love with what I do.