Verity Moments Summer Report

It’s the first day of school here on Long Island, and, as I walked Emmett this morning, I was reminded of how exciting this day is. All the kids at the bus stops were talking about their favorite adventures; some kids more verbose, while others were nervous about what lied ahead.

While I am no longer an official student, I do consider myself a student of life. As we all should be. This morning, my goal was to use my quiet time (the neighborhood is infinitely more quiet with the kids at school!) to outline my goals and consider a shift in my business.

As I look back on my summer, there’s a part of me that wonders how I kept it all together. Or, rather; did I keep it all together? It was my first Full-Time Photography summer, paired with still working full time at the restaurant. I worked hard this summer on making myself more present when around others, and, making a more conscientious effort to see people more often. As an INFP personality, I need those introverted days to refill my well- and, working two full time jobs doesn’t allow a lot of time to do that. But, I tried.

My summer was filled with memories from clients: from spending Father’s Day laughing with a family, to photographing one of the most impactful weddings of my life. I also booked three weddings for next year (which is more than my business ever did!) photographed an elopement (one day I’ll be able to share those!) and even traveled for a family portrait session. (which is coming soon to the blog!) I started cooking again! Which, also ended up being great for my waistline- I’ve lost weight, and have had less PCOS symptoms. (although, this past weekend hit me with a doozy that I’m still working through.)

I learned new shooting and editing techniques. I’ve watched as my style, while still rooted in those truthful moments, has become more refined and concise. Which, makes editing a lot easier. Quality photos over Quantity of photos.

I ended my summer by traveling to Lake George and revisiting my old college on the way. Being on campus again reminded me of the 18 year old version of myself. That lofty, unfocused, dreamer who just wanted to write books and be creative. Walking the same paths she did when she had a story idea or just needed fresh air, reminded me of what I want for my life, and how I’m closer than ever to that dream.

Now, as I sit at my desk with the sun illuminating my hands as I type this, I can’t help but feel relieved that summer is over. While I will miss my beautiful Italian tan, I love new seasons because they bring on new beginnings. I started this new chapter with a mentor phone call and am 90% positive I’m going to be taking a step that could change my life forever. As my mentor said on the phone: “what I’m hearing is that you’re scared of you. The talent is there, stop being afraid of yourself.” It looks like your girl has a little bit of a confidence flaw, haha.

Entering into September, my goal is focus. My goal is to stay consistent and my goal is to continue to share my gift of photography with the world.

Here are a few of my favorite personal shots from the last few months.