An Introduction to my new Best Friend

Having documented Heather and Mike’s journey to parenthood, it only felt right that I try my hand at newborn photography with my new best friend. I’m not going to share her name, because while she definitely did work for the camera at 11 days old, she doesn’t even know what the internet is yet. This little lady was the first newborn, newborn, I ever met. And, let me tell you: I’m in love.

Now, before you start buying me baby onesies, this still doesn’t mean I’m ready for one of my own. The greatest part about someone else’s child is that you can return them when they start crying. I have never tried my hand at newborn photography, and I’m thankful that Heather and Mike had more faith in me than I did. Did I spend the 36 hours prior to the shoot obsessing over everything newborn portraits? Maybe. Did I buy the special pillow and blankets and little wraps and a bow for my new best friend? Maybe.

Was I scared holding her because she looked so new and innocent? Yes.

But, did I love the way she cooed and took in the world? Yes, yes I did. And, now that her birth announcement is proudly displayed on my refrigerator, I can share some of my favorite pictures from this afternoon.

P.S.: As if Heather and Mike weren’t good enough to me already, Heather used my book in the portraits for her daughter, and even typing this, I’m getting teary-eyed. I hope one day I can read it to her. If you’d like to pick up your own copy of one of my books, check me out on Amazon here.