Family Portraits on the North Shore

I've outlined this before, but, family portraits were always something that made me nervous. That is, until I started doing them.

The truth is, I love family portraits! I love hanging out with the kids, I love pulling the parents aside and doing a mini portrait session just of them, I love the inquisitive nature of kids who want to touch and hold the camera (and, ::gasp::, I always let them hold it!) and I love the moments between a little nucleus that connect them. 

But, I only started to love family portraits when I stayed true to myself. Enter, this beautiful family.

((Side note: As a privacy to the kids, I do not share their name, and will use aliases. I know the parents are okay with it, but, the internet is weird so it's a personal choice!))

When Nancy (not her real name) first contacted me about doing their family shoot, I was so excited. We met at sunken meadow state park two hours before the sunset giving us optimal time to enjoy the beauty of that light. 

Admittedly, we were both pretty nervous to start; I always say it takes a few shots to get everyone comfortable. By the end, I don't think any of us wanted to leave. This family was just so beautiful, and, in a few short weeks I get to work with them again! The best part about family portraits is that you get to see as families grow and kids get older.