Chelsea & Lindsay: A Love Story

Back in October, Lindsay reached out to me and asked if I would photograph her upcoming wedding in June. Hesitant, because it would be my first wedding as a solo photographer, I asked "Are you sure?"

If you're a reader of these blog posts, you might see a common thread. Many people have seen my talent before I have, haha.

"At Tricia's wedding, you said to us how you loved the way Chelsea looked at me as I walked down the aisle. You observed something we didn't even knew we were doing." And, that is how I got my first wedding; I observed a love story. Actually, scratch that, I marveled at a love story. The truth is, I remember watching their eyes at my friend, Tricia's, wedding. Chelsea, who is a little shy at first, beamed with happiness whenever Lindsay was around. And, Lindsay, well, you've never seen someone more proud to call someone their partner, and now wife, than Lindsay. Together, their soul signatures are magnetic.

Their wedding was in Fenton, Michigan. And, to be honest,  I couldn't have been more excited for this adventure. My first wedding, and I was gifted the opportunity to travel to a new state. Little did I know I'd end up driving through multiple states overnight to get to it.

The week before their wedding, I was diagnosed with three tears in my shoulder. While it's something I'm still dealing with, that week, the pain was another level. "I'm not going to give up this opportunity" I said to Mark as I sat icing. "The new shoulder strap rests on my left, so all I need to do is use my right to click. I can do that."

We arrived at the airport 2 hours early as a precautionary. We got through security with only one odd moment (I couldn't raise my hands above my head, so I had to go through a different check) and we rested at our gate. Sitting there, I had a feeling something was amiss. I looked up to see our flight had been delayed. "We'll still catch our connector, so we're okay." Ten minutes later, I looked up to see our flight had been delayed again. Eventually, our flights were cancelled. 

Frantic, I pulled out my phone and mapped the drive to Michigan. It was 7PM New York time; if we were on the road by 8 we would make it to their house by 9am the next day. After renting a car, grabbing the ez-pass out of our car (we didn't want to take our own car since we were definitely taking whatever flight available back) off we went on a 14 hour journey, with no food, no energy drinks, no water, but with a lot of determination. Playing Oregon Trail all those years ago truly benefited us :) 

We arrived in Detroit at 6 a.m. (before schedule!) traded in our first rental for the rental we had scheduled (a red mustang) and drove up to Fenton. After an hour of sleep, we were soon in the bustle of everyone getting ready. And, from there, all I had to do was shoot a wedding. My first wedding. No pressure or anything.

Two months later and I still fly high from that day. To think of all the things that happened, and, to be able to successfully capture their love, well, it's a feeling not all of us are fortunate enough to experience. I am grateful for this day, and for all the people who made it happen. Tricia, for introducing us, Chelsea and Lindsay for trusting me, for the woman at Avis who got us a really good price on the rental car, and for Mark, for letting go of his normal inhibitions and flying by the seat of his pants with me. 

Without all of this, who knows if this website, if this calling, if this business, would be off the ground like it is now. 

Thank you, Lindsay and Chelsea. You have given me the greatest gift; the gift of finally following my dreams. 

Here are a few of my favorites.