Kelly & Phil: From an Engagement to a First Look (and, everything in between)

True friendship is one that ignites your soul, encourages your passion, and supports your dreams.

Kelly and Phil have done all of that for me.

Since the day they've gotten engaged, they have asked me to be a part of their wedding planning process. From their engagement photos on Fire Island, to being a bridesmaid, and photographing all the moments in between, their wedding day was extraordinarily special for me. 

As a bridesmaid, I also had the honor to photograph the morning of their wedding, as well as, their first look. Entering Kelly's childhood home that morning was surreal; it felt like everything had become full circle. I love the "getting ready" process of the day more than anything; the excitement, the love, the emotions- it all just fills the room in a way that is hard to explain. After we both got ready, I slipped on my poncho (it rained all morning so we had to relocate the first look space to the backyard of Kelly's childhood home. In the end, it felt even more special) and sat with Kelly and her best friend as we waited for the groom and groomsmen to arrive. (On a side note, in Phil's trifold pamphlet that he gave everyone, he emphasized that the bridesmaids must be ready by 1PM... The groomsmen were the ones running 45 minutes late that day. Never forget that women run the world)


We settled on this beautiful spot outside that overlooked the Long Island Sound. I wanted to make sure Kelly and Phil had this moment, so after giving very stern instructions to the mass amount of people in the house to stay in the front of the house, I met Phil outside. One of my favorite moments was how emotional we both became standing outside. This was it, it was finally here. In natural Phil and Leanne fashion, we started to make jokes- after all, I didn't want to mess up my makeup. 

To be a part of their first look will forever stay with me. To bare witness to genuine, pure, love is a gift, and it is one I'll treasure for the rest of my days.

Here are some of my favorite photos along their journey; from their engagement, to Kelly's shower, to a secret boudoir shoot, to their first look.