Lauren & Joe- Engagement Session

When Lauren asked me to photograph her engagement portraits, my first thought was "are you sure?" Naturally, being my cousin, she laughed and said "OF COURSE I'M SURE!!". 

It's nice to have people believe in you more than you believe in yourself. She asked me "early" in my photography endeavor- when I was testing the waters to see if this is something I would love. Her session ignited a flame inside that I didn't know could exist. 

Lauren and I discussed her vision, what she was hoping for, and what she would be using these for. On Halloween, I drove up to Westchester to meet her and Joe. We knew we wanted a sunset shoot, and initially we were going to shoot at this local farm up there. The best laid plans always have a way of forming chaos, and, unfortunately for us, the farm was on it's "holiday hours." aka- it was closed.

Fortunately for us, we found this amazing field. We're pretty positive it was private property, but, with my Aunt encouraging us from the car, we went for it anyway. Family, right?! In our initial discussions  we discussed using smoke bombs- unfortunately, it was a bit windy to use them to their full potential. 

Regardless, we still had so much fun. 

What I loved about this shoot was being allowed "in" on a different side of both Lauren & Joe. There's nothing more special than being able to witness true love, and, their story, dynamic, and laughter was extraordinary to be surrounded by. 

I wasn't allowed to share these until after her "Save the Dates" went out, which aligned perfectly with the launch of this business. 

Even now, Lauren is still encouraging me. She looks at my work, makes suggestions, and has helped me, a lot, with the ever changing social media game. There's nothing more powerful than family, and, I am more than lucky to have her and her sister as mine.

Thank you, you two- our group chat will always be my favorite. 

Here are some of my favorites!