What's in a Logo?


As a Marketing and Management double major with a minor in psychology, I spend a lot of time obsessing over "Branding". And, while I have always known the logistical reasoning of what "makes a brand", I never had a "brand" of my own. 

Over the last year, I've spent time rooting myself in my photography style. Besides enrolling in school, I booked family shoots, first birthdays, fifth birthdays, portraits, headshots, concepts, boudoir shoots and more. Allowing myself to establish my style without the pressure of "building an empire" gave me a freedom I didn't realize I needed. It was the freedom to define my brand.

Insert, "Verity Moments". 

A lot of photographers name their studios after themselves; it makes sense, since it's their name and brand that they're building.  Names like "Leanne Audrey Photography" swirled in my head, but, I could never commit to it. 

On one of my last photoshoots, I watched as my husband ran to my backpack to grab my 85mm lens. It was an anticipatory grab, but, his instinct was right. As I watched him jog back, I realized my photography isn't just "Leanne". It's the "Verity's". Whether he's on a shoot with me or not, he's my support system. Mark, Emmett and myself are a nucleus. 

"Verity" translates to truth and trust. All things that encompass my style. "Truthful Moments." Genuine laughter, undying love, adoration for one another; all things I strive to capture.

You might notice the "V" and the "E" touch. "VE" is the last two letters of love, the two touching represents a binding and inseparable love. It's what I capture, and it's what I'm so lucky to have.

As for the three dandelions. some of my strongest memories from my childhood are of me stealing whatever kodak disposable camera was around, going in the backyard, lying in the grass and photographing the yellow dandelions. When they turned white, I sprayed their seeds like any young child does. As I grew older, I resonated with their circle of life. 

Yellow for the sun, glacial white for the moon, her seeds become the stars...

On this logo, the three dandelions represent Myself, Mark and Emmett. The three are rooted together, and are now "spreading" their "seeds" to new adventures. The golden color represents my favorite time to photograph: during the golden hours of the day.

The fonts were another meticulous choice. "Verity Moments" is consistent, strong, but still "soft" and "welcoming". "Photography" is a loose, fun, font- exactly how I see photography. 

A lot goes into something as simple as a "Logo". To me, knowing where the name comes from and understanding a little more of "me" allows you to see what I stand for. 

I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit.