Welcome to Verity Moments

Welcome to a new Chapter. 

Admittedly, for anyone following along it might seem like I try something and then give up. The truth is, for a long time I tried to be something I wasn’t. In January, I knew it was time to become more grounded in who I am. 

Since I was a young girl I have feverishly photographed the world around me. Starting with disposable cameras, I’ve grown to love and obsess over capturing the perfect moment. 

It took most of my twenties to build the confidence to dedicate myself fully to this. I never thought I was “good enough” to pursue this fully. Over the last year, I’ve been quietly building my confidence and portfolio. I’ve enrolled in school, spent my days off studying technique, and, now, I have no excuse to lie dormant anymore. 

Over the last six years, I have photographed people “on the side”. Families, birthdays, friends events, engagement sessions- and, now it’s time to share this side of my world. 

It’s important to know the person you hire, and, so, this little page of mine is going to show my truest self to you. After all, in Latin, “Verity” means truth- and there’s no better way to be than to live your truth.